void tRrLM();++ //Void Terrarium++

Date de Sortie: 18/02/2021 (il y a 2 ans)
Disponible sur:     PS5
Genre(s): RPG
Développeur(s): Nippon Ichi Software
Editeur(s): Nis America, Nippon Ichi Software


In a world contaminated with toxic fungi, a discarded maintenance robot finds a girl named Toriko on the brink of death. After nursing her back to health, you learn that she may very well be the last remaining human, and is highly vulnerable to the deadly conditions of the outside world. To ensure her survival, the robot and his newfound friend, a decommissioned AI known as factoryAI, create a refuge for her within a terrarium. To reinforce the terrarium, as well as Toriko’s poor health, the lone robot must venture into the wasteland to gather resources while battling the vagrant machines and mutated creatures that roam there. Along the way, the uncertain future of Toriko’s existence, and with her the entire human race, will slowly come to light…